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TCI Lift is a Full Service Elevator Company based in Kamloops, BC, Canada. Our goal is to try and elevate the customer experience, and bring back a customer first approach to the Elevator industry.

What is MR?

MR stands for Maintenance Restricted and applies to either Certification or local Licensing priveledges.

MR Certification thru **CET: Those Certified can perform Maintenance specific tasks as approved under CET rules and TSABC requirements.

MR Licensing thru TSBC (Technical Safety BC) allows site only (limited) Maintenance tasks to be performed by trained site staff. Maintenance tasks considered major by nature will require a Certified Licensed A Mechanic backed by a Certified and Licensed Elevator company with A or RA Licensing.

TCILift.com with it's unique credentials can provide a complete solution for all MR requirements and needs including RA support and works for all elevator service and repairs.

**CET is provided by NAEC and is a Certified Elevator Technician Training program approved in BC by TSABC as an Educating body for Elevator Mechanic Certification and Continuing Education. TCIlift.com is a recognized education provider thru NAEC by way of CET-S qualifications held by Al Hayes since 2004.

What is the New Code in BC?

What is this about a new Code in BC and what's wrong with the one we currently are using?

The current Elevator Code for BC was written under the A.17.1.2007 Code year. Every 3 years Elevator Codes are re-authored.

Hence we have evolved from 2007.......to the 2010 version.........to the 2013 version now sitting at the 2016 version.

It is not necessary by most opinions to adopt every new Code change however BC would appear to be adopting the 2016 to be announced circa 2018. There is nothing wrong with the 2007 version but if not changed sooner than later to the new Code the Elevator owners in BC will be at a disadvantage eventually and essentially left behind in a rapidly changing environment to say the least.

TCILift is involved with these adoptions working as a consultant on various Boards with TSBC to ensure our services are up to date, compliancy is met and our clients are not left in the dark or surprised by these changes or any other changes to Code as they come into effect.

Who do we buy from?

We only use non-proprietary products from the best equipment suppliers that have proven to meet our Elevators for Life expectation as to ensure our clients only get the best. Connected and Respected Suppliers:

What is Category 5 testing?

Every 5 years an elevator must go thru a rigorous set of testing requirements and be documented as such. TCIlift will be providing a Service product that includes all testing and yes even the Category 5.

What is MCP?

Maintenance Control Plan........ Each and every elevator must have it's own plan in place and all works documented and recorded accordingly.

Why the name TCILift?

We intentionally wanted to seperate ourselves from the Elevator business as currently known. Hence LIFT to align ourselves with a business model that will surely raise the bar.

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