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Over 43 years combined experience in Canada and the Caribbean. Al Hayes, Owner of TCILift brings world class training and talent for proven customer care.

Serving on various Boards as a consultant with Technical Safety BC (TSBC) and other North American Boards USA/Canada

CEIEP Class A Mechanic NAESA QEI Certification (Certified Elevator Inspector)

Technology Advisory Board (TSBC)
MCP Board (TSBC)
Technical Training and Education Board (TSBC)
A.17/B44 Code Adoption Committee (TSBC)
NAEC (National Association of Elevator Contractors) Education Board for North America (USA)

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  • “Amazing service. Can’t wait to work with them again.” Very nice, knowledgeable staff.

    Francis Compton Bldg

  • “Great Service. We love working with TCI Lift”

    Garden City Project

  • “We feel fully comfortable working with TCILift, a professional engineer.”

    Mr. Al Hayes has been an excellent partner for us when we worked together for the WalMart project in Vancouver. Al not only provide his professional knowledge to support us, but also guide us to settle all the difficulties that we faced for our first project in Vancouver. Without Al’s support, I don’t think we could complete our job so smoothly and successfully. For sure, he is one of the best partner that we cooperated with. We feel fully confident to work with such a professional engineer.

MR Training - Certification - Support
Build and Design Criteria to ensure your project is properly Elevated
Training is only good as the Trainer, Ask about our complete MR Solution
Francis Compton Bldg, Castries,

Francis Compton Bldg, Castries

TCILift MOD solutions for St Lucia. MR service training for the NIPRO Bldg Services along with a full scope MODERNIZATION for the NIC Offices at the Francis Compton Bldg, Castries

Seven Stars Resort, Turks and Caicos,

Seven Stars Resort, Turks and Caicos

This is the fabulous Seven Stars Resort in Turks and Caicos Complete Modernization 2011-12 - 8 elevators Elevator Service provided by Claude Germain

Garden City, Richmond BC,

Garden City, Richmond BC

Al Hayes along with Hayes Elevator BC and Alexandra Hotson as the project logistics coordinator provided a complete vertical transportation solution for the Walmart project at Garden City Richmond BC. Every elevator was custom designed to suit the unique commercial application.

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